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Oil and Gas Investment Calculator

Compare How Oil and Gas Investment Might Compare to a Real Estate Investment. The default values are typical of standard properties, but, of course, you can change them to match whatever scenario you wish. The US Tax Code is written to encourage oil and gas investment ...

We often talk about real estate investments in terms of "cap rates". For example, a typical $200,000 rental property might have a $20,000 annual return or a 10% cap rate before expenses. If expenses run about $6,000 a year the net cap rate would be reduced 3% to net an overall 7% return annually. This approach allows you to compare properties on the basis of how much you want your annual rate of return to be on your investment. Please use this approach in the chart below.
Investment Assumptions:
Original Purchase Price $

Oil/Gas Real Estate  
Expected Gross Rate of Return
before expenses (%/yr)
% %
Expenses (%/yr)
% %
Overhead Expense (%/yr)
(postage, mileage, etc.)
% %
Income Tax Rate %
State Tax Rate %